MADFI: Minnesota Association of Defensive Firearm Instructors

Become a MADFI Instructor

At MADFI, we're proud of our standards, our philosophy, and our activism, but we understand that they are not for everyone. Please read the descriptions below before deciding to pursue a MADFI certification.

MADFI Prerequisites

To be eligible to be certified by MADFI as a Minnesota Permit to carry instructor, you must:
  1. Have prior training in firearm education
    We accept NRA instructors (with both current Basic Pistol and Personal Protection certifications), AACFI instructors trained and certified within the last five years, and others with comparable training (such as some certified law enforcement trainers). If you do not have training or experience as a firearm instructor, we highly recommend NRA instructor training, and can help you find a class, which can be taken either before of after this MADFI class.
  2. Have a Minnesota permit to carry
    If you have just arrived in the state, you can take the training now, but you'll need to actually show us your permit before your certification becomes active.
  3. Teach your classes in Minnesota (or really close)
    I suppose we could certify a Hawaii-based instructor, as long as she would be willing to fly a MADFI director in to observe a class at least once a year...preferably in January. But practically, our fee structure and observation system requires that instructors be located near one another. We can't expect an instructor to trek across the country to observe another instructor, and $35 doesn't pay enough for us to do it.
  4. Know your stuff -- cold
    MADFI instructors have to be experts in the carry law and related laws. They need to be able to answer student questions not found in the PowerPoint presentation, and know where to find the answers when they can't. That's why we provide a comprehensive study guide -- and why we warn instructor candidates that they will have to study to get certified.
  5. Be computer literate and connected
    MADFI instructors are all over the state, and all of our officers are volunteers. We have busy lives, and we rely on technology to streamline our operation. That means that we rely almost entirely on email and web technologies to stay in communication with instructors. You'll need to have an email address, and check it regularly, and you'll be using our web applications to maintain your certification.


  1. We let you teach your classes your own way, as long as you cover the minimum topics required by our standards and by state law.
  2. We offer a very affordable certification path.
  3. We provide instructor support in the following ways:
    • A model curriculum, that you are free to adapt and use as long as you remain certified with us.
    • Model classroom materials.
    • An instructor-only forum to share materials and ideas with other instructors.
    • Periodic legal updates to keep you caught up with changes in statutory and case law.
    • A system of mutual instructor observation and critique to ensure instructional standards are being met. (This one is important -- more below.)

Still with us? Here are the details:


The instructor class starts with a comprehensive test of firearm and firearm law knowledge. If you do not pass this test, you will forfeit your test fee and you will not be able to take the class nor become certified that day. You may choose to study and re-take the test (with a new fee) on the next scheduled class date.

  • The cost of the pre-class test is $100
  • Once you pass the test, the instructor training that day is free
  • MADFI membership is $35 per calendar year, and is required to maintain your certification, so...
  • You will have a one-time test fee of $100, plus the pro-rated portion of the annual fee, and an ongoing cost of $35/year, payable each January.

MADFI Training

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